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We have branched out to     a resource-driven career network, bringing together dedicated job seekers with a select group of certified career coaches and certified resume writers. TCE is the only career network that guarantees its member coaches and writers are verified and approved certified.

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Your PROVEN abilities to make a difference will answer the ultimate question employers have...

Why you?

Career Solutions is a professional resume writing service specializing in writing resumes and cover letters for the executive and mid-management level

professional who is serious about taking his or her career to the next level. Resume Sample | Cover Letter Sample

Writing resumes and positioning you as a qualified interview candidate is our area of expertise. Employers appreciate candidates who know which skills

they have to offer, portray confidence, and know how they can best fit the company.

We understand it's imperative that your resume presents value and markets you to the fullest in order to attract the attention of potential employers. Writing resumes is our area of expertise. Testimonials | Resume Writing Project Fees | Our Guarantee

Unfortunately, many people are still using cookie-cutter or template resumes to promote their candidacy. If this is you, I ask ...

  • How does a resume template reflect your personal career achievements?
  • What part of the resume template allows you to demonstrate your true value to an organization?
  • How does a laundry list of duties and responsibilities, which most template resumes emphasize, motivate potential employers or recruiters to call you in for the interview?

Sadly, there are people who will even copy a resume that belongs to someone else and will use the content as their own tweaking a few things here and there. CAUTION: It's very easy to find out who created the original document and if your name does not appear in the document properties, it will be made very clear that you copied someone else's resume.

WHY would you want to have the same resume as someone else? Your goal is to stand out—NOT be like everyone else! If you are having trouble communicating what you bring to the table as a highly qualfied candidate for open positions, you can relax because this is our area of expertise and we are here to help.

Employers need to know they are getting a return on their investment if YOU become part of their organization. Your resume must sell what you have to offer as a qualified candidate.

What makes you a better choice? Showcase your unique talents, abilities, and expertise through your career achievements in your resume to spike the interest of potential employers. Career achievements communicate key competencies and unique talents that led you to become the successful professional you are today!

Fully understanding the importance of presenting a professional image, taking an active role in your job search, and willing to go that extra mile result in a successful and rewarding job search. Not understanding or not willing to actively participate in your search only sets you up for disappointment and a long, drawn-out job search.

Since 1997, I've written powerful resumes and cover letters for hundreds of clients seeking excellent results. My specialty is helping executives, mid- to senior-level managers, and professionals create influential and achievement-based resumes that attract the attention of employers and to give my clients a job search plan that will provide them results.

Maria Hebda, CCMC, CPRW

What's your plan?

Having a well-written resume and cover letter to submit to potential employers AND a plan to follow up is paramount when job searching. I help clients develop a strategic and customized job search plan based on the Get Hired NOW!™ concept.

When you become my client, you will learn the key aspects needed for conducting an effective job search to land that position you want, you'll know which steps to take in order to achieve your goal, and you will learn how to put your customized job search plan into action; that's what my coaching program delivers. I hold you accountable for the actions you lay out for yourself in your plan to keep you focused on and motivated toward the positions YOU are seeking. I will help you stay on the fast track to career success!

What you can expect ...

Quality and professional resume and cover letter writing and career coaching services. I'll help you through the job search process and will lead you in the right direction to a successful job search. Getting to know you and helping you discover the true value you possess and can offer employers is important to me. Your success is my success. We have the same objectivelanding a new position that you will consider personally and financially rewarding! (Client testimonials.)


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